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Pablo Pérez Sanmamed

Bassist, double bass player and composer with a comprehensive training and an extensive professional career. His broad production as a composer includes music for theatre, cinema, dance, advertising and audiovisual in general.


So far he has recorded 67 albums and/or DVDs, in which he has worked with Germán Coppini, Tsukiko Amawaka, Mark Sanders, Banda Crebinsky, “3 Azoteas”, Carlos Martin, Triatone, Paraphernalia, SPJ, or OMEGA among others.


As well,  he has taken part in several festivals, such as the internationally renowned World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) festival, in two editions held in Tenerife and Santiago, in the Getxo International Jazz Festival, in Jazzaldia in Donostia-San Sebastián, in the SONAR festival, in the Festival of “L´Orient” held in Brittany,  in the Interceltic Festival of Glasgow, or the international Festival of Panama among others.


In addition to all this, he has won several composition awards such as:

1st Prize for the best original music for the O.S.T. of the film “Crebinsky" in the 16th Spanish Film Festival in Toulouse in 2011 (France).

1st Prize for the best original music for the O.S.T. of the film “Crebinsky" in the Oaxaca International Film Festival in 2011 (Mexico).

1st prize in the World Music category, awarded by ‘Músicos ao Vivo’ in 2013 , 2016 and 2019.

1st Prize for the best European women's voice group (as the music arranger) for Anubía’s album "Segredo a Voces" in the International Festival of Asti (Italy).

Finally, he was a finalist in the Maestro Mateo Awards and won the 4th prize in the Independent Music Awards.

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